the production
a meticulous, handcrafted process
Our immersion tanks feature temperature control devices and mixers that ensure a constant homogeneous temperature at all times, an essential factor for ensuring that each glove is a key safety item for millions of people around the world.
GLOVEL DIELECTRIC has a 1,800m² facility entirely dedicated to producing latex, composite and electric arc insulating gloves.

Our processes are certified to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

Our gloves are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. We use natural materials and all the industrial processes are water-based and do not use any solvents.

We have all the production means necessary to guarantee the best service to our customers and the best price /quality ratio.

In the near future GLOVEL DIELECTRIC will increase the size of its facilities to 2,800m², which will be unique in Europe. This will allow the company to further improve the level of service it provides the sector.


We don't manufacture gloves with latex
but made 100% latex

Our production processes are environmentally friendly
and we avoid using additives to bring out the properties of natural latex